Present! :)

Wiii!! Sorry took to long to update this! I almost forgot about you. :)
Work has been eating a lot of my time lately..

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Its Friday again and on Monday, we are having our presidential elections! Goodluck to us! Sometimes, i just wanna feel apathetic just because.. But i can't. Maybe because i love my country a little bit.. too much?! :)  ♥ ♥ ♥



I L-O-V-E Fridays!!! Seriously! :)) Have a good one y'all! :)

I'd Lie ♫♪

New Business

Weeeeeeee!! I'm soo excited! My uncle and i are planning to put up a new line of lotions, perfumes and body bath stuff. It's all homemade. I'm kinda excited with the whole packaging/label/name etc... :) Really hoping it'll push through!! :)

Geek Tip: Scan Your Receipts!

Was surfing the net and stumbled upon this super cool site about gadgets, Gadgenista -> it gives you updates about the latest coolest gadgets on the planet! :) and yes, i'm a fan. :) Here's a tip she shared that i found very helpful and thought that i'd share it with you..

I’m sure it has happened to a lot of you out there. You buy a gadget. Then you carefully keep the receipt somewhere, saying to yourself that you’ll be needing it eventually. Fast forward to a few months, or maybe even just a few weeks and you need to have your gadget repaired or returned or replaced. Maybe you got a lemon, or whatever.

But then you realize, you don’t know where the receipt is. You say to yourself, “I could have sworn I placed it inside -insert hiding place here-”. Oh well, you probably won’t even get to remember where you placed it. So you just end up sticking with a gadget you don’t like or spending your money on another gadget. Or maybe you’ll spend hours arguing with the store that they should have a copy of the receipt they issued.

What a hassle isn’t it? So that’s why I keep a scanned copy of receipts of all the things I deem important. Then I email them to myself so that if ever my hard drive *knock on wood* crashes, I still have a copy of them online.

Not just receipt of gadgets, but everything else. From furniture to jewelry, clothes and whatever.

And not only will it be easier for you to organize and categorize them, it’s less trash in your house, too!



Hey. I'm at work right now and decided to have a break to unwind and refresh my braincells! Damn.. My brain is drained! And i mean soo rained i'm willing to solve rubix cube over this! :S

Holy Week :)

Hi. I've got like 10 days off at work because it is holy week and partly because my bosses are great! Haha. Well actually its because we're kinda starting out so we haven't got a lot of clients to deal with. And now, i'm stuck in the house looking for something to do. :) Evidently, I got bored doing nothing so here i am fussing over my computer. I got hooked with a blog i was reading a while ago and it actually inspired to start blogging again. I have 2 blogs already but i kinda got bored with them. One is very hard to hmm how to say it? operate? haha. And the other one, let's just say it's not what i expected.. So here i am, trying this one out. Hopefully,  i'm going to like it and blog my way through it.

I still haven't got an idea on what to blog. I'm thinking of anything that tickles my fancy, interests my brain, delight my eyes and amuses me. :) How's that? So here goes nothin... Enjoy and chill yo! ;) love love


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